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A health enthusiast that is constantly seeking the magic formula to perfect health and vitality.


A health enthusiast that is constantly seeking the magic formula to perfect health and vitality. I spend most of my free time researching the effects of various nutrients, the state of the food industry, the fundamental principles of athletic training and alternative remedies that offer safe options to pharmaceutical drugs. Please join me on this journey as we explore proven and tested natural options to achieving optimal nutrition and health.

From my great grandfather who was a medicine man in Trinidad, to my father who studied western medicine and later reverted to traditional therapies, I am continuing the tradition in the hopes to provide information that can allow you to take better charge of your most important asset, your health!

What you will find in this site is the result of 25 years of research and obsession.

Close-up of kale salad and vegetables
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“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” This quote, often associated with Hippocrates (founder of modern medicine) should be in the back of our minds on our quest for optimal health. Proper nutrition can not only optimize ones health, energy, vitality , longevity but in some cases can even save lives. We have seen the impact that industrial agriculture, processed foods, additives, pesticides, GMO’s, environmental impact and depleted soils can have on the health of a population. For those who care about the future of our nutrition, information and action are your best weapons to take charge of your health and help the generations that will follow you.

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Being fit has a different meaning for most. Some consider fitness that way that a person looks, some it’s the VO2max, some it’s speed and strength, some it’s flexibility and agility and for some it’s simply having ample amounts of energy. Regardless of what you value most, there are some fundamentals that, if followed are guaranteed to make you feel more fit. These fundamentals are often specific to ones objectives, age and interest but they still remain the same. And only focussing on one aspect of fitness can leave you susceptible to weaknesses and injuries in another.

Face Complexion
Face Complexion

Anti Aging

The fountain of youth might not exist but there are still some new exiting research that is bringing us closer to reverse certain aspects of aging and prolong health span. We are at the onset of breakthroughs that will revolutionize how we age and how we can combat age related diseases. No longer do we have to consider the last 10 years of our lives as the years where we can’t do much physically and are starting to see severe cognitive decline. These, in many cases that be prevented or at the very least, severely slowed. We will not see a 95 yr old in the Olympic 100m final but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a jog in the park in their later years.

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